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Level Up: Ways To Be Productive, Manage Time And Get Things Done

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Are you struggling to complete tasks and accomplish your goals? Do you want advice on managing your time and being productive that actually works? Are you interested in just being told the cold hard facts about why you're struggling to get things done and how to fix it?

There are thousands of apps and books promising to help you be productive but in actual fact, it's these very same apps and books that are adding to the reasons as to why you're unable to do the things you so desperately need to. This book is a fix for anyone who needs logical and realistic answers to questions on productivity and time-management.

In the guide "Level Up - Smart Ways To Be Productive, Manage Time And Get Things Done" you'll get an entire system laid out for you with different techniques, methods and ways for you to level up your skills at completing tasks, managing time, earning rewards, developing habits and sticking to resolutions.
What's In The Guide?
1. 5 Disgustingly Sticky Habits To Completely Murder, Annihilate And Destroy
2. How To Stop Giving Up - A Breakdown Of How To Quit Being A Quitter
3. The Art Of Breaking Down A Task Into Its Simplest Form<
4. The Take Action Reaction Formula - The Most Effective Way To Be Productive
5. The Pomodoro Technique
6. How To Make The Right Sacrifices For Yourself>
7. Advice On Procrastination You've NEVER Heard
8. 10 Things To Level Up Your Productivity Within 10 Minutes
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