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The Return of Two of Deed-Book #5 in Bright Star Journals

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Story number 5 of “Bright Star Journals” brings back Cousin Mercy Smithton, who first appeared in our previous book the “The Quickening” (book #4 of “Bright Journals”). You may want to read of Mercy’s previous adventures in Logoland in Book 4 of the “Bright Star Journals”. In this book (story #5), Mercy and her cousin Paul Fillingston enter into Logoland on horseback into winter. Once there, Mercy and Paul meet Firmgood the gnome. Princess Faith of Logoland has mysteriously disappeared. Her father, King Logosian the XIII is frantically searching for her. Mercy, Paul, and Firmgood must find the Princess Faith and return her to her father King Logosian and Logoland. Their adventure includes a perilous journey to Castle Dreadful to free Princess Katy. Come along and see how to rescue a princess while learning about true courage and character!

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