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True Bible Study: Adam and Eve Genesis 1-5

True Bible Study: Adam and Eve Genesis 1-5

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True Bible Study: Adam and Eve Genesis 1-5

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Oct 10, 2015


The Book of Genesis chapters 1 – 5 provides information about what God did in order to create the heaven and the earth for mankind.

It includes details on how God created mankind; what Adam and Eve did with the devil against God’s Word; what God did to the devil, Adam, Eve, and the world in response to their bad behavior; and how mankind lived after their fall from the position that God had placed them in.

This book includes verses translated from the Greek old covenant writing, sometimes referred to as the Septuagint. Additionally, some comparisons to the Hebrew text are provided.

Oct 10, 2015

About the author

Maura K. Hill was born and raised in Ireland. After working in Ireland and the UK for several years, she relocated to the United States in 1995. She began her formal education in Biblical Koine Greek and Biblical Hebrew at Phillips Theological Seminary via the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma in 1996.A diligent student of the Biblical Languages, Maura published her first Greek-to-English Translation and Study Guide to I Thessalonians in the Fall of 1997. Since then, she published many additional, original Greek-to-English translations and comprehensive study guides for the New and Old Testaments. She has also published numerous and unique Biblical research articles on various topics.Maura continues her diligent research of the Critical Greek Texts and Papyri. Her publications include:True Bible Study – Adam and Eve Genesis 1-5True Bible Study – Noah and the Flood Genesis 6-11True Bible Study – Abraham Genesis 12-25True Bible Study – Isaac and Jacob/Israel Genesis 26-36True Bible Study – Joseph and Judah Genesis 37-50True Bible Study – Moses leaving Egypt Exodus 1-14True Bible Study – Moses and the Law Exodus 15-23True Bible Study – Moses and the Holy Tent Exodus 24-40True Bible Study – Jonah and the SignTrue Bible Study – MatthewTrue Bible Study – MarkTrue Bible Study – LukeTrue Bible Study – JohnTrue Bible Study – Acts of the ApostlesTrue Bible Study – RomansTrue Bible Study – I CorinthiansTrue Bible Study – II CorinthiansTrue Bible Study – GalatiansTrue Bible Study – EphesiansTrue Bible Study – PhilippiansTrue Bible Study – Colossians and PhilemonTrue Bible Study – I and II ThessaloniansTrue Bible Study – I and II Timothy and TitusTrue Bible Study – HebrewsTrue Bible Study – James and JudeTrue Bible Study – I and II PeterTrue Bible Study – I, II, and III JohnTrue Bible Study – Revelation of Jesus ChristTrue Bible Study – Journal with Encouraging Bible VersesTrue Bible Study – Journal with Family Bible VersesTrue Bible Study – Answers to PrayersTrue Bible Study – Christ Jesus King of kings and Lord of lordsTrue Bible Study – HealingTrue Bible Study – Life, Death, and ResurrectionTrue Bible Study – Speaking with TonguesTrue Bible Study – The abyss, devil, and deathTrue Bible Study – VengeanceTrue Bible Study – What Is Love?You can readily access her current studies by visiting her website at:

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True Bible Study - Maura K. Hill

True Bible Study®

Adam and Eve

Genesis 1 – 5

Word Translation



Maura K. Hill

Copyright © 2014 Maura K. Hill

All rights reserved.

Revised: September 2020

The body of this work contains a Word Translation, Study material, and notes written by Maura K. Hill. Permission to quote passages of this book in teaching or in writing with notice of copyright is granted to the owners of a published copyrighted copy of this work. All published quotations must include the following notice of copyright: Copyright © Maura K. Hill. All rights reserved.

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Relevant Notes


Genesis 1:1 – 2:3

Genesis 2:4-25

Genesis 3

Genesis 4

Genesis 5

Book Titles by Maura K. Hill


The Book of Genesis chapters 1 – 5 provides information about the following:

o What God did in order to create the heaven and the earth for mankind

o How God created mankind

o What Adam and Eve did with the devil against God’s Word

o What God did to the devil, Adam, Eve, and the world in response to their behavior

o How mankind lived after their fall from the position that God had placed them in

This book includes verses translated from the Greek old covenant writing, sometimes referred to as the Septuagint. The Septuagint (also identified as: LXX) is a translation of the old Hebrew texts along with the spoken language; it was made by approximately seventy scholars in Alexandria, Egypt, during the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus from about 285 to 247 B.C. Some comparisons to the traditional Masoretic Hebrew text (after 1 A.D.) are also provided in this book.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss or comment on this Word Translation and Study via the Contact link on

Thanks to God for His love and grace.

Maura K. Hill

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Relevant Notes

Unless otherwise stated, all scriptures are quoted from the following:

o The True Bible Study Word Translation (TBS); Genesis chapters 1 – 5 are translated from the Greek old covenant writing (Septuagint) by Maura K. Hill.

In the TBS Word Translation and study:

o Words in parentheses and italicized within a scripture verse are words inserted to help our English understanding of those words which are translated from Greek words.

o Additional explanatory insertions within a scripture verse are enclosed in square brackets and italicized.

o Non-English words are printed with English letters.

o I use an initial capital letter for all occurrences of the words Lord and Master when referring to either God or the Lord Jesus Christ due to my respect for them, therefore the reader will need to carefully consider the context of each particular usage to understand to whom that usage refers.

o Where the word spirit refers to God, I use an initial capital or upper-case S - Spirit. But when the word spirit refers to the gift of holy spirit, etc, I use a small or lower-case s - spirit.

o Underlined text is used for the English word but when translated from the Greek word alla to show that it implies a strong contrast to that-which has just previously been stated, and/or to strengthen a command.

o Underlined text is used for the singular form of the word you to distinguish it from the plural form of the word you which is not underlined.

o Underlined text is also used for emphasis.

o In order to communicate the fullness of the emphasis when the Greek definite article is repeated both with the noun and its adjective - for example: I Corinthians 15:4 the Greek is te hemera te trite, which literally means the day the third - I translate it as "the day, the third (day)."

o Verbs in the imperfect tense are translated with the words used-to and then the meaning of the verb.

o For example: used-to teach indicates that the one teaching spent time teaching, his action of teaching continued during a past time that is now finished for some reason, not that it was a quick one-time occurrence. The one teaching taught others taking time to teach, and he may have repeated his teaching at different times and in different ways. This tense is also used to historically describe past events relating what happened.

o Verbs in the perfect tense are translated from Greek with a superscript number 2 immediately following the verb - for example: it was written².

o This tense indicates an action done during a past time and which has a present continuing result, meaning it is still the same at the time the verb was spoken/written. Therefore, this example could be translated as: it was written and continues written.

o The noun love¹ or the verb to love¹ comes from the Greek word agape which is God’s kind of love.

When the Biblical writers wrote, there were no punctuation marks, no chapter or verse divisions indicated, etc, as we see them today in many of our English Bible translations and versions. Therefore we must read the whole context of each particular passage of Scripture for thought-content to more clearly understand the truth of what has been written.

Also, the original language was not English, and therefore when I may write that the writer said or wrote such and such, please understand that the writer actually spoke and wrote in the original language the equivalent to that-which I state in the English language to the best of my knowledge.

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Introduction to Adam and Eve, Genesis 1-5

The idea (theory) that the earth was beautiful and then it became devastated between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 is not supported in the scriptures. The record is:

o Genesis 1:1 the introduction,

o Genesis 1:2 – 2:3 the details;

...and therefore between Genesis 1:1 and 2:3 we have God’s creation of the heaven and the earth.

God shows it in a step-by-step process from start to finish. It is like building a house:

o it starts with a piece of land which is not fully prepared,

o then the foundation is laid on it,

o then the frame and roof of the house is erected,

o then items are put into the house,

o and then the people come to live in it.

God’s purpose came to pass. He did what He wanted to do as recorded in the Scriptures. He created it in a beautiful form and He caused it to be inhabited with mankind, animals, etc, and of course God Himself. No evolution of mankind is recorded in Genesis (human-beings did not evolve from other types or species of beings).

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Creation for Adam and Eve

Genesis 1:1 – 2:3


God created the heaven and the earth in the beginning as recorded in Genesis 1:1 – 2:3. It took God six days to accomplish creation and on the seventh day He rested from all His work.

God opens this account by summarizing what He did for mankind (human-beings).

Genesis 1:1:

¹:¹In (the) beginning God made the heaven and the earth,

The focus of this phrase is the beginning relative to mankind. At the outset (commencement, source, origin, start)…

o God (the First, Superior or Ultimate One, the One Who has power, executes judgment, and emanates what He is, His power and light [in Greek the noun is Theos; in the Hebrew language this word is a plural noun adding emphasis to His superiority in all words and actions; Elohim, the Creator in relation to His creations; He should be acknowledged by mankind to be in the highest position of all to/for mankind])

o made (did, performed, produced, brought about the action of His purpose [in Greek and Hebrew this verb is in the singular form referring to the one and only true God; the Hebrew verb is bara which refers to the initiation of God’s action regarding this creation, plus this verb is in the ‘qal’ stem or pattern thereby emphasizing the completion of this action in the past which is only used of God’s activity – God created])

o the heaven (this literally refers to anywhere above the earth, the sky above [in Hebrew this word is always in the plural form and figuratively it emphasizes the expansive greatness of God’s spirit realm, God’s location today from mankind’s view])

o and the earth (land, ground).

Genesis 1:1 is a summary of events pertaining to the creation of the beautiful heaven and the beautiful earth for mankind.

[Reference: Isaiah 45:18; Hebrews 1:10.]

The first portion of verse 2 continues by describing the area where the earth would be made on the 3rd day.

Verse 2(a):

.2(a)but the earth used-to-be unseen and not-fully-prepared and darkness over the abyss.

During that past time, historically, the

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