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Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear

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CELEBRATE THE "EYES" OF MARCH WITH OUR INSANITY SALE! For the month of March, Insanity Tales and Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear are on sale for only 99 cents (regularly $2.99 and $4.99, respectively)! If Julius Caesar were alive today, he'd buy both copies, turn to his BFF, and say "Et tu, Brute?"

Reality slides into madness again in these eleven tales from some of New England’s finest storytellers. Feel your heartbeat quicken as your senses drift to dark places: the howls of horror, terrifying visions, a hint of mystery in the air, and the bitter taste of death. You may never sleep with the lights off again.
“Six talented storytellers bring us a mix of chilling tales—obsession, premonition, dark psyche, madness, and murder—seasoned by spirits and demons. A post-apocalyptic quest finishes off this fascinating collection. A great follow-up to the original Insanity Tales.” ~ J. C. Ferguson, author of The Janus Code and Mangrove Madness
“Insanity Tales II is a brilliantly executed anthology of dark fiction tales that are as weirdly fascinating as they are entertaining. I highly recommend it.” ~ Tony Tremblay, editor of Eulogies III “Insanity? Perhaps. But there is method to the madness. The stories in this volume are carefully crafted, with well-constructed plots, masterly writing, and very often the chill of fear, the surprise of a twist, and the satisfaction of a good ending.” ~ Stephen P. O’Connor, author of The Witch at Rivermouth and Smokestack Lightning
“Insanity Tales II lived up to its name. Just when I thought I was able to figure out what was happening in each of these stories, this compilation of highly skilled authors threw me curve balls that left me muttering “No way!” Out loud—to myself—time and time again. I love that in a read, and you will, too!” ~ T. Stephens, author of Dante’s Cypher

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