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Conquered Mate

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Nathan is the Alpha Heir to the Red Moon Pack.
Which means, since Noah won't be having any kids, that Nathan is next in line to be Alpha.

Sebastian is a Delta in the Red Moon Pack and is training to become Beta.
Sebastian is fine with his position in the pack and hopes Ethan and Isaiah never step down.

Ryan is a Hunter.
His parents were killed by a rouge shifter.

The Hunters have the Red Moon Pack on their radar and are plotting to take them down.

Can three very different men come together and save the Red Moon Pack from the Hunters or will Ryan be part of their downfall?

**Author Note
Conquered Mate is still the same story with extra to go with the first book in the series. You will want to read the first book Mated before reading this book. This content is for mature audience only. Contains m/m content.

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