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Hope Lies in Less

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Hope Lies in Less chronicles the unfolding of moments that might, in the normal course of things, go unnoticed except in their passing ... Smoke takes flight. Linens are drenched in urine. Routes are traced red upon a map. Blue eggs shatter against the windshield. A girl does not fit in a dollhouse. Invisible ink writes farewell. A lock turns on a hinge-splintered door. Children appear in limbs. Upon the mundanity of everyday details, lives are laid bare and disassembled. This deeply intimate collection of stories explores the shadowed truths of the moments between moments. Within the tellings of threshold, these stories examine what it is to exist thoughtfully in this world ... what it is to be human ... what it takes to reconcile the darkness with the light and accept that in the end, we all stop casting shadows. Meaning exists, but so does absence. Hope lies in less.

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Hope Lies in Less - Kris Wehrmeister

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