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Working My Way Back to You

Length: 259 pages3 hours


Ryan Russo’s life is badly in need of a makeover. He’s spent the last five years going through the motions of his job as executive producer at a small record label. When he wasn’t working, he was partying hard trying to forget Lexi Carpenter. After a chance meeting brings them together, Ryan has to make some serious changes if he wants to win her back. Blocking his path to redemption is a mysterious French model, a spoiled pop diva and a scandal he never saw coming.

It’s Deja vu all over again for Lexi Carpenter. Ryan hurt her once, and she’s determined not to let him do
it again. Howard Cross, Lexi’s current boyfriend, has their future all planned out. But Lexi isn’t privy to
every item on his agenda. Her career as an interior designer is taking off. Should she start fresh and
concentrate on herself for a change? If only Ryan would stay in the past, but he’s not cooperating, and
neither is Lexi’s heart.

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