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Blind Aphrodite

Length: 242 pages3 hours


"Immortal love, as old and classic as the gods themselves, is rare and deep. As is this treasure, no longer buried at the bottom of the sea, but carried on the crests by Bernards prose. With villains that the Macbeths would be proud of, and lovers that the fires cannot consume, this story is no fabled fish-that-got-away, but a real keeper!" -- RT BookReviews

Lady Claire Aylesbury is beautiful, strong-willed and blind. When her twin brother, Edward, mysteriously disappears in the revolution-torn American Colonies, she is forced to venture out to find him, desperate to escape a limited future and the threat of a loveless marriage.

Captain Rutger Grayson has turned his back on the world, unable to accept the scars that fate has inflicted. The once dashing buccaneer struggles to shield his heart as Claire draws him into a world of intrigue and danger. He seeks only to protect her against cruel betrayal without surrendering his soul.

Set in 1780, a twist on Beauty and the Beast like no other, this is a love story for the ages that proves that when love is blind, anything is possible.

USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Bernard says, "This one is near and dear to my heart. It was my first novel so this is a bit of a re-release however...back in the old days, B.A. (Before Amazon), this was a self-published P.O.D. gem lost in the void so I'm happy to see it brought back to life with new scenes and a fresh push to the light."

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