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The Monster Of Hidden City

Length: 431 pages7 hours


Inside the gates of world famous Fog City Animation Studios nothing is as it seems. Behind it's blockbuster hits and beloved characters lies a twisted culture of conspiracy and deception at the highest level.

When Gus Hollander lands an exciting job at the hem of Producer, Ramona Van Owen, he's finally on his way to charting a new course for himself. But, soon he uncovers a treacherous inner sanctum ruled by Ramona, charged with vanquishing everyone who threatens her path towards reaching the top.

As Gus descends deeper into Ramona's evil world, he must navigate through a labyrinth of deadly secrets and legendary egotists including the tyrannical owner of Fog City and self-proclaimed messiah of Silicon Valley, Alex Roark. In his battle to stay in the game and save his reputation and career, Gus is forced to confront his childhood demons and torturous past, and ultimately find his own power.

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