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The Exquisite Nudes

Length: 44 pages1 hour


These strange, beautiful creatures came from an alien world. They looked like statues and dressed like statues but they acted like - well...

This story is NOT erotica


The big six-and-a-half ton truck took a hairpin turn at fifty miles an hour, its trailer lurching from side to side. The truck's driver gazed serenely through the windshield, but his partner in the seat alongside of him, could barely keep his composure.

"Don't tell me you're thinking of taking all the turns between here and New York like that, at three o'clock in the morning, through the rain?"

"Why not? Insured, ain't it?"

"Amos, just because you're quitting after this run - "

"You can insure a truckload of statues but they can't be duplicated."

"Is that what we got?"

"Didn't you look at the bill of lading?"

"Not this boy. I was busy having one for the road. Last run and that kind of stuff, you know." Amos Peeks burped politely.

"Oh, Lord. I didn't realize it before. You're drunk, that's what you are."

"Nuh-uh," mumbled Amos Peeks. "Working off a drunk is all. What kind of statues?"

"Pull over and lemme drive, Amos. Please, Amos, huh?"

"What kind of statues?" Amos Peeks asked again, executing a wobbly turn again as he did so. Something heavy slid across the floor of the truck's trailer behind them.

"One of 'em come loose!" the partner cried. "Go easy, Amos."

Amos grinned. The windshield wipers cut pie-wedges across the splattered windshield. The motor purred and roared as Amos floored the gas pedal. They boomed out on a level stretch of highway.

"Now, Amos - " began the partner.

Just then something dazzling flared in front of the truck. Amos Peeks jumped on the big brake pedal with both feet, muttering, "Now what the hell is that?"

It was a good question.

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