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Happy Man

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At his best friend’s wedding, Will Hunter plans to land the tall, redheaded bridesmaid. He’s called dibs, after all.

Katherine Noble might not be opposed to being...landed, but she has a thriving psychotherapy practice in Manhattan. Will, handsome and attractive as he is, has a
sheriff’s deputy job and serious attachment issues in his little town on the Connecticut River in Vermont.

Will can’t go. He has a mother, Elyse, who never leaves her mountain, not since the days when, as a young bride, she was captured and brutally tortured. Will’s not so
good, either...away from his home, in crowds, in the concrete canyons of the city.

But Will’s determination is strong, and Katherine’s love and faith in him have the power to heal. Together, they can defeat anything—even the monster who returns from Elyse’s past.

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