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Bishop Gary and First Lady Daphne Jenkins have had the dream marriage and ministry. They have been married for forty five years and in ministry together for thirty. They started with humble beginnings with missionary work in Africa, Haiti and the Philippines. With prayer and strong roots in the church they have worked hard to build a legacy into a growing and flowing ministry that is not just in Newark, NJ but also ministers and supports other ministry's in different parts of the country and the world.
Bishop Gary is going to be ordained an Apostles during the three day church 25th anniversary. The whole city of Newark and the surrounding cities are coming out to this event. Bishop Gary is a humble servant of the Lord. He is a true man of God and has always trust God for everything every day.

He is the husband to the loving First Lady Daphne Jenkins. A woman after Jesus own heart. She is the love that Jesus showed in the Bible. She loves the Lord and she loves her neighbor. She never has to pull information out of people they just talk to her. She just has that a way about her.

Bishop and Lady Jenkins have three kids. All in the ministry in one way or another.

Michael is the eldest son and some would say the most rebellious. Michael was ordained a minster to preach the gospel but the call of music for God led him a different direction. The music took him out of the city of Newark and his father's will. Michael and Gary have a strained father and son relationship because of Michael chose to leave the ministry to pursue music.

The middle child is the lovely daughter Evelyn. She has followed in her mother footstep to a T. She graduated with a BA in Theology Studies and knows how to use her sword effectively. She is married to Deacon Jason Patterson a man of God and not hard on the eyes. He was in love with her from the moment he saw her but it took a moment to win her but when he did he had her. They are the parents of twin daughters Angel and Angela their miracle babies.

Last but definitely not least, Deacon Kenneth Jenkins is the son that stay home worked in the church faithful but always felt that he was a sloppy second to Prince Michael. Kenneth is a man that loves the church but has a few sour spots because of being a PK (preacher kid). No matter how hard he tried to separate himself from his father people can only see Bishop Gary. Well to be honest he is the splitting image of his dad. Bishop Jenkins may be able to doubt the other two but not Kenneth. Another problem for Kenneth.

As the family coming to together for this time of celebration will the feelings of love, joy be at the for front or the feelings of pain and unforgiveness arise and cause the family either come together or separate forever....

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