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An Innocent Secret: A Sweet Regency Romance (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, #3)

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Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book 3

approx. 80,000 words (350 pages)

A sweet love story for readers of all ages. 

Frederick Hathwell, only son of Lord Brookway, has a secret. 

For eight years, since a chance encounter in the forest, he has maintained an innocent friendship with Georgiana Ferrier, the youngest daughter of a respected farmer and horse breeder. With her turning sixteen, he's finally ready to reveal how she has won his heart, but fears his parents will reject her humble origins. 

Georgiana has always been a bit of a wild child. 

Her father indulges her forest wanderings unaware how they changed the day she encountered a boy in her favorite glade. She savors their secret friendship when she must share everything else with her three sisters. As her feelings for him become more complicated, she worries about her father’s reaction when he learns the truth. 

Can they reveal their love without sacrificing their families? 

The series follows young women and young men trying to navigate the requirements of society and love in Regency Era England.

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