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Christmas With His Brother's Baby

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Three months ago, Gracie's husband, Carter, abandoned her. Then a few days before Christmas, the worthless jerk sent her divorce papers. Gracie is four months pregnant, and her husband doesn't know it. When Gracie's mother-in-law invites her to Christmas with the family, Gracie figures why not? She lost her dad a couple years ago, so she just wants one last Christmas before she doesn't have any family except her and the baby.

From the first moment Asher Hawkes, Gracie's brother-in-law, comes to pick her up, she notices how he looks at her and how he's careful to make sure she's got everything she needs. Ash doesn't know her secret, that her husband left her or that she's pregnant. He doesn't know about the divorce papers, and Gracie wants to keep it that way. Unfortunately, from the day she steps into her in-laws' house, everything goes wrong.

Gracie's attraction to Ash grows, but she's battling the feelings she still has for her soon-to-be ex-husband. She won't be the woman that moves from one brother to the next, but Ash won't give up once he learns what his brother has done. Things get complicated when Carter arrives, and all Gracie's secrets are revealed.

This Christmas, it's not just about love and family. It's also about betrayal, jealousy, lies...and a foot to the throat.

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