Pasture Basics: Permaculture Chicken, #2

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Pasture Basics: Permaculture Chicken, #2

Length: 98 pages40 minutes


Do you want to enjoy healthy eggs and meat from chickens raised on pasture? 

Pasture Basics starts at the beginning to help you design the best pasturing setup for your flock and for your homestead. Great grazing for chickens won't be found in the perfect pasture for sheep or cows --- you need to tweak your design to match a chicken's unique behavior and stomach. 

Included in this volume are an explanation of chicken digestion and behavior, pasture specifics like size and shape, a rundown on which traditional pasture plants chickens enjoy, tips on maximizing plant growth during rotation, and an explanation of how to establish new pastures and maintain existing grazing areas. 

Cut your feed costs with pastured chickens!

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