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Narrating Islam as the Early Warrior Cult: The Scholar's Speak

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This is a politically-incorrect view of Islam from historians and other critics in a narrative form. Today very few in the West would care about Islam at all if it wasn't for jihadi's making things miserable for millions of people. In this year alone Western Europe will take in 500,000 refugees alone yet the "religion" of Islam still stands. But is it really a true religion? How did it really start out? Many have asked that question but few have pointed out that Islam started out as a cult around 650 AD after Mohammed died. This ebook points out there was a "Mohammed", but who was more a firecracker raider of caravans but who later got cult status and Arab legend. The truest indicator of this hypothesis is the Koran itself. The "Wrongly-Guided Caliphs" took the legend from there, hiking north and east with their small armies to take over North Africa, Syria, Canaan, Persia and northern India.

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