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The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich

The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich

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The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich

4/5 (5 ratings)
104 pages
47 minutes
Nov 24, 2015


Bad guys tremble at the sound of his name!

Meet Melvin Beederman. He's a pretty good superhero, even though it always takes him five or six tries to get launched and flying. His weakness (every superhero has one) is bologna, which makes it hard to go into a deli. Still, Melvin manages to keep the city of Los Angeles free of nasty villains—once he's airborne.

Crash! Splat! Thud! Kabonk!

This series has it all: hilarious story lines, amazing classic-comic-inspired illustrations, fearless new superheroes, and SNACKS!
Bad guys tremble at the sound of his name!
Melvin loves fighting crime in Los Angeles, until the McNasty Brothers, the baddest guys of all, start robbing banks—and Melvin's superpowers mysteriously disappear. Enter Candace, a third-grade actress with some surprising new talents. Once they team up, nothing can beat these partners in uncrime. Nothing but bologna, that is . . .

Nov 24, 2015

About the author

Greg Trine is the author of the Adventures of Jo Schmo series and the Melvin Beederman, Superhero series. He lives with his family in Ventura, California.

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The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich - Greg Trine

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For Juanita

G. T.

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Melvin Beederman didn’t feel like a superhero. Sure, he’d graduated from the Superhero Academy with the others. And he did look fantastic in his red cape and high boots. But there were some things that bothered him. He never once was able to leap a tall building in a single bound; it always took him five or six tries. Stopping a speeding locomotive wasn’t easy. And that whole x-ray vision thing—it brought nothing with it but guilt. Everywhere Melvin looked—underwear.

Still, he was fast. He was good at math and science. And he had so impressed his teachers with his oral report on the nature of good and evil that he nudged Superhero Carl out of the top spot—Carl who was a single-leap building jumper and who had no problem stopping trains.

Melvin Beederman beat him out. He graduated at the top of his class.

Perhaps Headmaster Spinner had said it best: Your brain is your greatest weapon. And he had high hopes for young Beederman.

Now that graduation was over, Melvin made his way across the school yard, past the exercise area where Superhero Carl was busy bench-pressing a Buick. Carl stopped what he was doing long enough to sneer and said, The top of our class. Bah! You can’t even stop a train.

I can so. It just takes me a while, Melvin said.

He knew Carl was still angry about being bumped out of the top spot. Carl was being sent far away for his first assignment, all the way to the Fiji Islands, and Melvin was glad. He didn’t trust Carl any farther than he could throw a Chevrolet … or a Buick, for that matter.

Where are they sending you? Carl asked.

Don’t know yet. I’m meeting with the headmaster in a few minutes.

*   *   *

Headmaster Spinner was waiting for Melvin at the door to his office. His belly was huge, and

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5 ratings / 5 Reviews
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Reader reviews

  • (5/5)
    Super cute funny kids read. I can't wait to read more!
  • (3/5)
    This is a book about a super hero named Melvin Beederman. he has recently graduated the superhero academy, with his best freinds superhero James and Margret, Melvin is sent to to protect the city of Los Angeles. Than two villans came the stink brothers they escaped and Melvin's cape got dirty according to the superhero handbook you could not have a dirty cape. He got it cleaned but it shrank or so he thought. and by coincidence a girl named Candace Brinkwater got a cape to big and started to fly. What has happened read the book to find out. the theme of this book is superheros.
  • (4/5)
    Melvin Beederman has just graduated from superhero school and been assigned to cover the bad guys in Los Angeles. He's maybe not the strongest superhero to come out of the academy. And maybe it takes him five tries to actually take off into the air. And he does have a weakness for bologna. But what Melvin lacks in strength, he makes up for in smarts, and that just might be enough to save the day. This is a funny beginning chapter book that will appeal to fans of Captain Underpants with its slapstick humor.
  • (5/5)
    Melvin Beederman has just graduated from superhero school and assigned to Los Angeles where he finds a partner in uncrime and captures the McNasty brothers. Roughly half text and half illustration. I may be ranking this compared to Captain Underpants, because there were a lot of moments I found myself saying, oh, how witty, clever, better then that one with the misspellings... The plot is predictable, but the author and illustrator have managed to do the superhero thing in a whole new way. Lots of references to old superheros, which I found funny, but may not be as amusing to kids. I'd recommend this to libraries where Captain Underpants might not be as appreciated and keep it on the shelves for 1-4th graders.
  • (4/5)
    The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich is the first book in the Melvin Beederman: Superhero series by Greg Trine and it is quite the amusing kickoff! As the story begins we meet Melvin, recently graduated from the Superhero Academy where he has been studying for practically his whole life, having been dropped off on the Academy’s steps as a baby. Upon Graduation, Melvin is assigned Los Angeles by the Superintendent and away he goes (after 5 tries to get off the ground, naturally)…having no family to bunk down with, Melvin sets up shop in an abandoned tree house and immediately begins fighting crime. In his pursuit of the evil, no good McNasty Brothers, Melvin’s cape is lost, found, he acquires a new partner, discovers an “unofficial” website (where his secret weakness is being advertised to every bad guy who has internet access), and has his limits tested. Throughout his trials and tribulations are given an amusing spin by a voice over narrator who puts his own spin on things. Will Melvin be able to defeat the McNasty brothers…who is his secret nemesis? You’ll have to read to find out…you know you want to! Overall, this is an amusing, entertaining start to a super new series! The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich is sure to be a favorite among boys (6-10), but I also found that my 9 year old daughter thought it was a hoot, so it will appeal to a mixed audience. It would also be a wonderful read aloud for younger kids (especially if you can pull off the narrator effect)! Trine manages to touch on important topics like doing homework before having fun (and fighting crime), self-esteem, persevering through difficulty, creative problem solving, the importance of the perfect evil laugh (if you’re an evil villain) and more…all the while making it hilariously funny! This is a great beginning reader book, for those making the transition to chapter books and the illustrations help to bring the story to life for readers still struggling to make the transition to books without pictures. I give it 4 stars and two thumbs up, we all loved it!