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Ghosts and Haunted Places of Taos

62 pages44 minutes


As long as there are people, they are going to tell ghost stories. Whether you believe ghosts can be explained away as hot-firing neurons when the body is calling for sleep, a psychological need to connect, an undigested piece of meat or whether you believe they exist – it doesn’t change the fact that people all over the world will tell each other ghost stories at the drop of a hat. This book will take you on a journey through Paranormal Taos and its Historic District. A resident of Taos since 1986, M. Elwell Romancito has written and edited for several publications in the Taos area, including a long-standing relationship as an editor, writer or columnist with The Taos News, The Taos Historical Society, Taos Magazine, Taos Experience, Art Talk, Southwest Art and more. Romancito is a member of New Mexico Research and Investigation of the Paranormal, and has conducted several investigations in Taos since 2011.

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