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A Known Enemy

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Stolen weapons, targeted murders and a high-profile kidnapping signal an insurrection is underway in Ireland. Soon, intercepts captured by Canadian and NSA super-computers confirm that an IRA splinter group is preparing to usurp control of the country. Its commander will then seek vengeance on Canada. A year earlier, its security forces destroyed her criminal empire.
Determined to stop the mobster/insurgent, and finish what he started a decade before, Colonel Ian Munro (The Arch Deceiver) takes the fight to her. In County Cork, the Irish Defence Forces and the Canadian colonel battle the militants.
Upon returning to Canada, Munro finds himself in another crisis. A cabal of foreign agents is plotting retribution. Munro and his off-the-books intelligence agency, The Insurgent Review Commission, are ordered to find them.
Complicating his mission, Munro must also protect an APEC summit taking place in Vancouver. There is another challenge. As in previous missions, an MI6 officer is assigned to him. She is an ex-lover.

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