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Down Where The Blue Violet Beauties Bloom

522 pages6 hours


Shar isn’t the best angel girl. She skips classes. She dives in the sky. She gives forbidden kisses to boys, but she feels little for them. When an apparent accident causes her to fall, Shar awakens in an emotional realm where pleasure and pain are ten times more intense than in Heaven.

In an Underworld city ruled by a Love goddess, Shar is adopted by a succubus who sees potential in encouraging her rebellious urges. Shar must re-evaluate her sense of self in a society where the patriarchy is turned on its head. The women are powerful, magical, and dominant.

Meanwhile, Anin sets out from Heaven to rescue his former girlfriend by force if necessary. He intends to prove his angel skills and his love for Shar, but he is quickly tested. All males who enter the Lady's city must bond with a succubus, and thus the sacred path of Love.

Suspenseful, philosophical, and filled with swords, sorcery, and sex, this book shines an open-minded light on Heaven, Hell, and the great war of ages.

Publisher’s Note: This is the first book in the Down Deep Inside trilogy. This is a “coming of age” story in the contemporary fantasy genre, intended for mature readers. 138,000 words.

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