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Tickled Pink

268 pages3 hours


Heat Index: Hot

50% of this book's sales will be donated by the author to Susan G. Komen to help find a cure.

Couples that go to jail together, stay together…at least for one year.

Interior decorator, Antonia Deluca, had it all figured out. A great career, she’s single and carefree, and has awesome friends. Until one of her awesome friend’s gives her a gift of Tickled Pink and tells her to make a wish. Who believes in such hogwash? Not her, well, maybe...yes. After that moment life takes an unusual twist. Suddenly she’s arrested and sentenced to marriage—is that even legal? And her new husband is as uptight as he is gorgeous. One year of dealing with Richard, one annulment and viola, life is back to normal.

Richard Bryson can’t believe his bad luck. Unpaid parking tickets lead him to a court of law where his dad is presiding—never good. So, they get off on a technicality, but only as long as he and Toni marry and stay that way for one year. What starts out as a means to an end, soon backfires and somewhere during his sentence Richard falls for his quirky and obsessed with ducks wife. Now he needs to convince Toni they belong together and she really does tickle him pink.

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