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Social Psychology: Essentials and Fundamentals

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Social Psychology: A Practical Guide to the Human Mind

Understanding why people do what they do is an essential skills to have. When you understand why the people around you do what they do, you are able to avoid a lot of drama and conflict.

Throughout history society has had a profound influence in people's actions

This book was written to fulfill a simple mission: to educate people from all walks of life about the importance and application of social psychology in their day-to-day lives.

This book was not written to make science intimidating, not to mention boring. The aim is to show how a serious and legitimate science like social psychology could be easily understood and appreciated by non-psychology majors, practically by every ‘man on the street’.

Are you any of the following?

Simply curious about how human minds work, especially in a group or social setting, but won’t bother digging complicated science stuff Wants to have something productive to do during free time, regardless of what it is A freshman/woman in a general psychology major Undecided on what major to take in university/college

If any, this book is for you!

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