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Bleak: The story of a shapeshifter

367 pages5 hours


Bleak is a manipulant human clone, a shapeshifter. He and his kind are considered an abomination, unless...

“If you like hard sci-fi, battles, intrigue, a touch of romance, space opera and intelligently written speculative fiction, then this is the book for you.”
In putting down the rebellion the Confederation used the ultimate spies. Creating, against all conventions on the use of human clones, the manipulants, shapeshifters. However, in peace time their continued existence threatens to end the career of General Niias. So now they must be eliminated. After months on the run Bleak, is cornered in the Grand East Ground Hub of Metrakis’s main space port. Until that is, a desperate Catrinas Pekrov of the Confederation intelligence Unit decides she might have a use for his particular talents after all.

Bleak’s circumstances and programing give him little choice, involving him in a plot that will threaten the stability and future of the newly united Confederation.

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