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Woodcarving Illustrated magazine - Issue #31 - summer 2005

Length: 100 pages2 hours


Wood Carving Illustrated's Woodcarver of the Year
Chip carver Wayne Barton honored for his commitment to carving.

John C. Campbell Folk School
Is there a summer camp for carvers? Students and teachers alike reminisce about the time they spent at the school.

Dimensional Woodburning
Add depth and contrast to your woodburning with this lesson in tonal values.

A Day at the Beach
Innovative inlay techniques add interest to this award-winning carving

Carve a Spirit Lure
You don't want to lose this lure in a snag! Combine carving, woodburning, and painting to make your own fishing lure.

Modern Ivory Carving
From billiard balls to beef bone--Alternative sources for ivory give carvers another
material to work with.

Carve and Paint a Feather Pin
Increase your confidence with this project that's designed to build your detailing skills.

Woodburn Realistic Fur
Add woodburned texture to a carved mouse for a realistic fur effect.

Painting a Realistic Duck Head Call
Add the perfect finishing touch to your carved duck call by mixing your own paints.

Burning Realistic Texture
With the right nib--and technique--it's easy to add realistic texture to your carvings.

Flexcut's RPC Put to the Test
Rough out carvings in half the time with the new addition to the Flexcut product line.

Chip Carve a Border
Accent a multitude of projects with this traditional pattern.

Bald Eagle "Majesty"
Detail a carved eagle with power tools and a woodburner for realistic texture.
Part 2 of 3.

Stubai Carving Tools Put to the Test
When it comes to holding an edge, Swiss-manufactured carving tools just keep cutting.

Make your own feet and learn proper paint blending techniques to add realism to carved songbirds.

Stalking Wolf
Carve a classic wolf with this quality pattern from Gordon Stiller

Carving an Mechanical Cork Stopper
Carve and assemble a head-bobbing, fiddle-playing cork stopper with a few simple tools.

Wood Toxicity
The top 26 most dangerous woods to work with.

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