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Just Desserts (Vampire Soul, Book Eight): Vampire Soul, #8

75 pages48 minutes


The final adventure. The last fiasco. And one hell of a mess.

Misty's unusual life gets dangerous when Rose returns with a strange book and an even stranger companion. She intends to steal Roland's soul, but Misty gets in the way, literally, and her plans backfire for everyone. The problem becomes a family affair when Roland and Misty need help, and their call for backup is answered by Misty's aunt and uncle. The young and old couples find themselves soul-deep in trouble when the persistent pipsqueak vampire returns and makes an even worse mess than before. Now they're up against an unexpected foe with the fate of their very souls on the line along with Misty's chance at a long life with a certain handsome vampire. Will love prevail, or will Misty find herself on the wrong end of a silver bullet?

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