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Iridology – A Complete Guide, Vol. 1 (revised edition)

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Vol. 1 includes the chapters "Eyes of the World," "Why Iridology?," "History of Constitutions," "Faridian Constitutions," "Iris Maps" and "Iris Rings," "Vocabulary," "Iridology Manifesto" and "Bibliography & Recommended Media."

Vol. 2 includes the chapters "Iris Textures," "Iris Depth & Height," "Iris Fibers," and "Iris Openings", "Vocabulary," "Iridology Manifesto" and "Bibliography & Recommended Media."

Vol. 3 includes the chapters "Iris Colors," "Radii Soleris," "Iris Radials," "Pupil Dynamics," "Iris Brain Zones," "Sclera," "Iridology Explorers," "Vocabulary," "Chronology," "Iridology Manifesto," "Healing Diets," "Herbal Nutrition," Naturopathy Treatments" and "Bibliography & Recommended Media."

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