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The Fethafoot Chronicles: The Seventh Veil

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Earth, Australia, tomorrow: All over the known world, old sages - some from ancient religions unheard from for generations – and including warlocks, wizards, shaman, hooded, robed and naked mystics, have begun coming forward one by one – all acquiescent with the fact that they will be ridiculed for the warnings they bring. In the land ‘down under’ - Australia, Pem Weeatunga, is ‘happy as a Pig in shit’ he tells his family and friends, when asked. Unknown to Pem, the Fethafoot Clan of his own ancient people, have supported his own race to survive major calamities for over 50,000 years in this country – and soon he finds that travelling with a genuine Fethafoot warrior, through a pre-apocalyptic down-under, toward a coming unstoppable catastrophe, is not the very worst that can happen to someone.

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