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Zombie School

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Zellner isn’t much different from you typical angsty teenager – he just happens to be a little deader.

The world is in chaos and the dead have reawakened. Which is pretty cool if you happen to be a zombie like Zellner. He lives in Revenant, a zombie-inhabited town that educates the undead with human intelligence.

Living the dead life is great, though it does have its disadvantages, such as the insatiable desire to eat human brains, and the inability to remain intelligent without consuming them daily. That’s definitely a problem when the zombie apocalypse has reduced the human race to near extinction.

Zellner’s undead life is pretty mundane until he and his best friend go human tracking one night, and Zellner comes face to face with a living, breathing human girl. He captures her and brings her into town. When she escapes, Zellner’s attempt to retrieve her accidently causes the death of one of their own, and Zellner is banished from Revenant.

Damned to a life as a mindless zombie, Zellner makes a deal with the human girl and the two flee town in hopes that together they can survive long enough to find the girl’s camp, where humans die daily of disease, and which will supply Zellner with enough brain food to continue to survive. As the human leads them, Zellner must fight off hordes of ravenous zombies while fighting his own relentless craving to devour the girl’s brain.

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