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Master Introductory Psychology Volume 1: Master Introductory Psychology, #1

Length: 195 pages2 hours


Looking to expand your knowledge of psychology?

This comprehensive 4-volume series breaks down all the key concepts in psychology so you can learn faster, ace your exams, and improve your knowledge of this fascinating field.

Each of the units provides a step-by-step guide to the major approaches, key terms, and leading figures of each area of psychology. Clear explanations, engaging stories, and memorization strategies will help you to learn the content while discussion of criticisms will help you to understand how views differ and why these differences matter. Each unit also includes a concise chapter summary for review, a list of key terms, and extensive references and recommendations to guide your future studies. Leave behind all the distracting images, irrelevant cartoons, and useless trivia cluttering your textbook so you can learn the most important ideas more efficiently. Whether you're studying for AP psychology, IB psychology, a college course, or exploring psychology on your own, this guide will help you to master introductory psychology. 

Volume 1 of this series covers the history and approaches of psychology, research methodsbiology, and sensation & perception

complete edition containing volumes 1-4 of this series is also available in print format. 

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