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It’s been said that next to God’s Love, a parent’s Love is the most important there is. I believe it is that type of Love that is responsible for my survival through some of the toughest times in my life. That’s because I had a praying Mother. Read how I went from being an admirer of the works of Nicky Barnes, to an admirer of the works of Nicky Cruz. One a Harlem Drug Dealer, the other a minister of the Gospel. And how the two Nicky’s impacted my life. In “The Gospel of Thomas” are my true confessions and testimonies from my journey through life. They chronicle a few and I mean a few of my experiences from the mean streets of Harlem as a former Gang Leader and Black Mafia Associate. Through my College/University, military, political, business, entertainment and Law Enforcement years. And ultimately my Christian and Spiritual conversion. These confessions and testimonies also tell how I became a true believer in a higher power, a power greater than man, the power of God. And becoming this way while struggling with the negative forces, that’s part of this world’s system. And at times when these forces have tried to steal, kill and destroy me. But because I had a mother that loved me enough to pray for me, I survived and was saved from the harsh punishment of this life and the life to come.
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