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Tom Foster is a retired Special Forces Officer and a combat veteran ofthe war in El Salvador. In Comments from a Tea Partier – I guess if you’re not aCommunist, you might be a mild Fascist, Tom vents his anger with our currentpoliticians and identifies critical issues that should be the cornerstone of the2010 elections. He makes a case for specific actions such as the repeal of the16th Amendment and the passing of Fair Tax to bring prosperity to America.He shows how American foreign policy should be re-focused, offers a criterionfor vetting the candidates for November 2010, identifies specific cuts to thefederal government, and speculates as to our future if we are not successful inrestoring our Republic.America has taken on many of the characteristics of a fascist state, and Tomlike all the other Tea Party members fear additional loss of our individual libertyif the American people do not take our nation away from the statists in 2010.He is married to a gal from South Georgia, and has a son and daughterwhom are both married and three grandchildren. Tom and his wife Deborahlive in Columbus, Georgia with a Fair Tax sign boldly displayed in their frontyard. Tom is currently hiking the Appalachian Trail to enjoy the beauty ofAmerica and expects to finish in time to help us prevail in November, 2010.De oppresso liber, Tom
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