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If you have a name, then you’ll want to read this book because Vibeology, is the story of our names. Using time honored methods the author sheds light on what should have been our first form of self-understanding, how the sounds we use affect us. He points out that while one may use or be required to provide their birthday at certain times, one also never knows how often a day they will respond to or use their name and yet we take this fact for granted. He asserts the letters in our alphabet contain a deeper meaning and the names given to us lends to being influenced by the meanings these letters imbue.
Using Vibeology to decipher what each letter means, by listing and describing with amazing accuracy the attributes each letter may display as the first letter in a name.
Vibeology is the first in a three book series and lays down a solid foundation for a new discipline which may rival Astrology. Mr. Fortune reveals Vibeology to know ourselves, co-workers and lovers in a funny & enlightening way.

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