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Spirit of Love

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Elise is traveling with her best friends Carrie and Wendy in Eastern Europe after they all have graduated from college in California. While there they manage to book rooms at the infamous Bran Castle, home of Dracula and his legendary forbearer, Vlad the Implaler. During their first nights stay Elise and her friends hear strange noises coming from the hallways of the castle. They resolve to leave if the haunting continues the next night.

The next night as Elise tries to ignore all the strangeness around her she meets the ghost of an English tourist named Hugh Macfarlane. They talk far into the night before Elise discovers that he was murdered in the castle five years previous. Before long Elise finds herself wrapped up in the mystery of who killed him, all while trying to understand the longings she has for this ghost that has come into her life.

Can she love a ghost? Will he be able to put aside his reservations in time for them to be together?

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