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The Fires of Fear

Length: 221 pages3 hours


The Qixi Virus, a fast incurable killer, brought to North America by enemies of the United States, will threaten major west coast cities if Lieutenant Minako Taniguchi, the lone Japanese commando survivor fails to take the specimens to Japan.
A psychotic U.S. President, plotting to become the ruler of North America, puts the wheels in motion to form the United Socialist States of the Americas with help from the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada. He fails to tell them his plans do not include sharing the power.
Captain David Ramsey, believed killed in a fire fight by commandos trying to steal the virus specimens, mysteriously is rescued by the Hidden People, but is taken hostage by Colonel Khang, the commander of the North Korean commando unit as he tries to escape Canadian military and police units.
Captain Larry Locke, Canadian Arctic Ranger commander, fighting with Captain Ramsey and wounded seriously, searches for Lieutenant Taniguchi and Dr. Stephanie Parker, who have vanished after surviving attacks by North Korean and Chinese commando squads trying to steal the virus specimens.
Happle Jack King and his wife, Shug live on a farm in East Tennessee, and like the rest of the ordinary citizens of the United States, hear the news about a killer virus out west and AZ2016 NEO a mini-asteroid flying close to Earth but do not feel threatened. When they learn AZ2016 NEO, has incredibly and mysteriously changed course, and could wipe out the East Coast of North America, they are alarmed and make plans to move to the High Country in North Carolina. They face hard decisions, but refuse to leave their five performance horses, three dogs and one cat to die of starvation or be killed in the worst apocalyptic destruction the world has seen in fifteen thousand years. The biggest challenge in their lives becomes the 167 mile trail ride through the Appalachian Mountains in mid-winter to reach Boone, N.C.

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