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Something to Remember: A City Streets, Country Roads Novella

Length: 195 pages3 hours


Her perfect Christmas is missing just one thing...

Skyscraper trees and gravel paths have replaced the city skyline view out Ava’s window. The quintessential inn she now calls home is serenely perfect and a fraction of the scale she’s used to renovating. The tiny timber town of Pine Grove, Oregon is filled with people who love her. It’s a picture perfect setting…but Ava doesn’t remember any of it.

When Ava wakes up in the hospital under the capable care of one strappingly good-looking doctor, Lane Hart, she waits for her fiancé, Ned—the last man she remembers being with—to whisk her back to the city. But her reality is nothing like what she remembers. The flannel-clad lumberjack doctor before her claims to be her fiancé, and insists the sparsely populated town of Pine Grove is home.

If you love a sweet, clean romance story with a twist of holiday magic then you’re sure to enjoy this latest installment of Meg Gray’s City Streets, Country Roads story collection. Grab this sweeter than apple-pie book and find out if Ava gets her perfect Christmas after all.

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