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The Dream

Length: 103 pages1 hour


Adela was brought up in a strict Catholic family and was under a lot of control. She was an attractive young woman and had to go on secret dates. She meets Daniel who becomes her first love and the love of her life.

They spend a lot of time together and soon get physically involved with each other. They plan to attend University together in New Zealand. Daniel drops the bombshell when his family decides to move to Atlanta. Adela is devastated; Daniel then proposed and asked her to wait for him to get back to get married.

In the meantime, there is a lot of friction in Adela’s family life when she finds out that her Dad has someone else in Mongolia. Adela falls into a severe depression and decides not to continue studying but to work instead.

She finds a job at the Sheraton Hotel and loves her job. Joel, the Managing Director of the Sheraton chain of hotels in Asia Pacific resembles Daniel in every way. He is wealthy and flaunts his money being single and spending too much time at work to enjoy his wealth. He woos her and they fall in love and within five months she marries to Joel.

Did Adela make the right choice in marrying Joel? Only the next book will tell the tale

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