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Cream: Collected Stories

Length: 141 pages2 hours


CREAM gathers six steamy titles in one!  This volume contains:

What Terri Wants

When Sarah is late on her half of the rent again, her roommate Terri has had enough.  The sexy blonde might not have any money, but Terri’s willing to bargain with her:  either she puts out, or she’ll end up on the street.  Does it matter that Sarah’s not into girls?  Not to Terri!  Terri wants her, and what Terri wants, Terri gets.

Study Partner

It's finally summer, and Allie can only think about the great weather and mind-blowing parties awaiting her…oh, and her mouth-watering study partner. Before she finally graduates, she has to finish her summer English class. But can she convince him that they need to study Human Sexuality instead?

Closing Time

Tina has always had a secret thing for black girls, most of all for her best friend Lexi.  When Lexi gets dumped by her boyfriend, Tina finally has a chance to make her move—and it turns out Lexi is up for it too!

Good Neighbors

When Lauren and Rich are invited to dinner by their neighbors, they were expecting to get a tour of the house.  Little did they know that the neighbors wanted the tour to end up in the bedroom!  Will they swap for the first time in their lives?

Seducing the Sitter

For Lisa, the new babysitting job sounded like the perfect gig—good money, flexible hours, cool bosses.  But when she arrives for her interview and the parents come on to her, Lisa realizes that she's the one being put to bed!

In Bed With Her Boss

For Julie and her boss Tom, a forbidden kiss in the past kindled a passion that they never should have allowed to grow.  When they are forced into the same bed together, they discover that their lust can bring them closer together than ever before.

BONUS MATERIAL:  Cream also contains the complete first chapter of the erotic adventure novel Honey Trap by Melissa Constantine.

This book features graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting adults.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18.

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