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Anatomy of Sprits

Length: 121 pages1 hour


This book, ANATOMY OF SPIRITS reveals the personality, powers, and operations of all kinds of spirits - angels, demons, familiar spirits, marine spirits, witchcrafts, Jezebel spirit, occults, sexual demons and spiritual marriage. The author teaches their spiritual battles against men and women, young and old, rich and poor, educated and noneducated. This book is an eye opener for all who need more information on the spiritual worlds. Information is vital in any war, including the spiritual. More so, it will be a good help to all who are victims of demonic assault and spiritual oppressions. Every Christian need this voluminous, comprehensive book to undo whatever evil spirits and demonic kingdoms might be doing in their life. To be more successful and victorious in life, we must be winning in the realm of the spirit, that controls the physical. Get your copy and be greatly blessed, well informed and impacted for victory God bless you.

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