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The Big Surprise, a Couple's First Time With a Transgender

24 pages20 minutes


The Couple explores the kinky world of a Hermaphrodite, with another woman. By a chance encounter at a beachside bar, the couple meets a charming blonde that invites them to her nearby apartment where things are revealed about the hot woman as she has an extra male part! The couple returns the next night where a very hot barmaid comes onto the husband, and with the wife's blessing, has an encounter behind the bar while the wife chats with her sweet new friend. After a very steamy sex scene at the bar, they all four go back to the Hermaphrodite's apartment. The foursome quickly turns kinky in this beachfront Mexican erotic short story, only The Smith Couple can write. A sizzling 34 paperback-pages in length, 7,188 words.

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