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Ghosts In the Park: Claimed By a Shape Shifter

24 pages22 minutes


When his marriage breaks down our narrator takes solace in a long planned vacation to a large game reserve in Africa. There he meets a very strange man while sitting outdoors on the night of his arrival.

This man has been waiting decades for the American visitor. He needs him to escape from a life of limbo, and to gain mortality. Cursed with the life of a vagabond wanderer for decades this man of the bush longs to escape into death's sweet embrace.

The curse will be lifted if he can get the visitor to agree to be mated, not the easiest task when a straight man is still smarting from the hurt of his wife deserting him.
Although this story contains adult language and a sex scene it is not exactly erotica but an exploration of different kinds of relationships.

At just 6300 worlds long this is a quick and easy read for when time is in short supply.

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