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Dark Star: Dark Universe, #4

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Dark Star is book four in the Dark Universe setting by Jason Halstead

The Kesari, a very large and very angry alien race of squid like beings, has managed to split Aden and Twyf apart from their companions. Their only hope is to keep moving to avoid the patrols of Criknids, a race of insectoid soldiers that serve the Kesari, and bounty hunters that have crawled out from behind ever forgotten rock. Every system brings a new challenge they have to face and overcome. Every incoming communication promises a dire threat.

Seph and Sierra were forced in another direction, the only one possible to save the life of the critically injured Terran. The consequences of recovering are beyond anything anyone alive in the universe could imagine, save for the man who's been through it himself, Niko.

The heroes that have threatened the tyrannical hold the Kesari have over the universe are scattered across the galaxy and struggling to survive. Even more, they have to sort out who they are and who they can trust if they hope to live long enough to continue the fight.

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