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Over Mount Fuji

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On a routine exercise, seven fighter jets disappear over the Pacific. Weather reports are fine at the time and no one has any real idea of what happened except Eileen and Wulfstein.

Eileen, an investigative reporter for the Raging Planet, has an inkling that the seven jets were following the sacred path of a suicide mission as it has taken a revival in Japan. She baffles over whether the Japanese are going back to the very roots of their culture, the seppuku, to seek answers.

Given this ambiguity, Eileen goes to investigate the country’s true nature. Has Japan’s cultural psyche anything to do with their fate? Are the seven pilots following intuitive tradition?

But when Eileen interviews Wulfstein at MIT, the reclusive Professor makes known to her he has been investigating the strange movement of a bizarre bloop sound during the time of the disappearance. Ridiculed by his colleagues and the laughing stock of the scientific community, he will do whatever it takes to silence his critics. However, the search for answers not only proves costly; it brings him face to face with something that crawls right out of ancient mythology into our twenty-first century.

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