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Revenge of the Lushites

Length: 167 pages3 hours


In the year 4444 and a 1/4 the Lushites have returned. Piper Cleaner, First Assistant to the Assistant Surveillance Officer discovers a Lushite intergalactic vessel heading their way. Alarm bells ring throughout the galaxy! Have the Lushites returned to seek revenge?

The Vice President of Galaxy Tobacco orders Piper and a team of the Order of the Gold Leaf Tobacco elite commandos, led by Major Virginia Slim, to destroy the Lushites thus saving smoking for all human and alien kind.

Piper and Major Slim soon discover plots, counterplots, and general scheming using the sudden reappearance of the Lushite Alliance to mask another plot to overthrow the galaxy. Will they save the day or is it game over?

Join Piper and Major Slim on a crazy, outrageous ride across the galaxy in the far future where addictions are rampant and conspiracies thrive.

Is smoking bad for you? In the future who knows?

This report confirms tobacco is a plant. Plants are good. Good is good. Therefore using this perfect logic as our guide smoking tobacco is good. — Excerpt from a speech by the President of Galaxy Tobacco after the Galactic Surgeon Admiral released a report concerning the health risks of smoking, circa 3939.

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