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Hero Revealed: Heroes of Saturn, #1

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Sure, he was sexy, but she'll never trade her badge for his bed.

Earth was to have been my prison, but for some reason I have developed extraordinary powers and found a woman with whom I see a future filled with happiness. I know how much she values her job, but the lovely Brett Briggs has no idea what I lost when I was banished to this planet. I cannot allow her to place herself in danger, and I will use any means to protect her.

Who does Kristos Kilsgaard think he is trying to undermine my authority? He may think he's being sneaky running around like some sort of superhero and apprehending my criminals, but I'd recognize that smoldering gaze anywhere. If he doesn't knock it off, I'm gonna show him exactly how I use my handcuffs. And there won't be anything sexy about it.

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