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Sugar: Collected Stories Revised Edition

162 pages2 hours


SUGAR gathers six steamy titles in one!  This volume contains the following stories:

Blackmailing the Boss

When Jess digs up some dirt on her boss, she knows just what she's going to do with it: either he's going to satisfy her most wicked desires or she's going to turn him in.  Lucky for both of them, he decides to satisfy her lust.

The Principal’s Office

When Renee breaks the school rules again, it's the last straw.  The principal has no choice but to suspend her and send her to summer school, even though Renee will do anything to avoid that.  Anything and everything, that is.  Her punishment might start with a spanking, but it doesn't end there....

Souvenir (written as Jasmine Welles)

When Mary gets dumped by her fiancé, she decides that anything will be better than spending her vacation in a cold and suddenly empty Minneapolis apartment--even if it means going solo on what should have been her honeymoon cruise!  After stumbling into an art gallery at a Mexican port of call, she finds something beautiful to look at: the gallery’s owner, Miguel.  An impetuous kiss leads to more than she ever expected, and Mary learns that sometimes the best way to get over a broken heart is to use other parts of the body.

Best Roommate Ever

Alice would do anything for her roommate Josh.  When he returns home late one night, frustrated after yet another fruitless date with his virginal girlfriend, Alice sees her chance to do them both some good. 

Members Only

Mark's new client is rich, handsome and smooth with the ladies.  Just the kind of guy that Mark wants to keep away from his wife Kate--until the client insists that Mark and Kate join him for a night out. It begins with drinks, but they soon discover that they’re in a special club where partners are swapped like trading cards.  They succumb to temptation, but will they find that some doors are better left unopened?

Grind (written as Jasmine Welles)

Grace has just about had it.  Her ex-husband is a slimeball, her daughter treats her like a leper and her boss thinks she's too old to do her job.  Treating herself to a weekend at a cute B&B is the only thing keeping her from a total meltdown.  When Chris, the teenaged barista at the cafe, starts flirting with her, she decides to take a chance on one last fling; Grace and Chris both end up getting more than they bargained for.

This book features graphic depictions of consensual sexual acts and is intended for adults only.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18.

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