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Future Prometheus: The Series

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In the tradition of dystopian science-fiction, Future Prometheus - The Series compiles five novellas into on full-length epic of a world where the science we know today has warped into masterful and terrifying ways.
Emergence begins with a mysterious pandemic that diminishes men's ability to think rationally making them terrifying killers. With women seizing power, a desperate pair of plans are developed – one is to keep the survivors safe behind the walls of mega-states, and the other requires finding unaffected men to re-populate the world. Evolution follows both the growth of artificial persons' (APs) sapience as they find their footing in the bold new civilization, and the world altering effects of the sole surviving man from more than one hundred sixty years ago. Revolution finds the powerful mega-state Nemericana forming a defensive line against the formation of a powerful enemy – their own artificial persons gone rogue. And while Successions unveils shifting world powers with humanity balancing on the edge of extinction, Resurrections reveals the formation of unlikely alliances to fight the forces of evil culminating in one massive invasion on Judgment Day – June 6th 2175.
First published in 2013, Future Prometheus: Emergence & Evolution won various awards from Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Book of the Year and Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, as well as critical recognition from Kirkus Reviews, Awesome Indie Reviews, and US Review of Books.
Future Prometheus: Revolution, Successions & Resurrections continued the story published in 2014 where it won top award at Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Book of the Year, as well as strong recommendations from Kirkus Reviews, US Review of Books and Self-Publishing Reviews.

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