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CDO: A Story About Selling Collateralized Debt Obligations

232 pages5 hours


CDO is the sequel to eGo: A Dot-Com Bubble Story. After surviving the adventures of the Dot-com Bubble and Crash in Reno, Nevada, Bill becomes a Collateralized Debt Obligations salesperson in New York City. He enters the bafflingly complex and shadowy world of financial engineering selling what appear to be safely hedged bond investments with huge returns. When he’s not partying out of his mind in Manhattan, he trolls pension fund conventions for investors and helps open up new CDO markets across the world from London to Tokyo. Bill then meets a billionaire banker who introduces him to the extravagant billionaire lifestyle, psychedelics, mind-bending quantum derivatives using imaginary numbers, a secret society, and a life altering investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true.

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