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Keep Out

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First the adventure of a lifetime in "That Magnificent Medallion" and now...

Amanda slammed the door and stomped down the road feeling extremely badly done to.
Her two best friends Sue and Gale were adamant, they certainly wouldn’t go to Abina, the
richest and the most prosperous country in Africa, for their holiday, instead they’d go to,
of all places, Madrid.

Three days went by before Amanda, feeling rather guilty, had the courage to go and make
amends. But what did she find – Sue and Gale grinning and then singing, ‘we’re going, we’re
going, we’re going to Abina. They’d actually changed their minds.

But who did they meet In Abina? A sweet little Indian lady, their old foe Bola Barana,
the 'orrible Ogre and last but not least Price Karna in tatters.
But does anyone know what happened to Passbar?

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