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You Hear Me, But Are You Listening

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There is much that can be said in a gentle touch or a lingering grin, which the astute will see, hear, and understand, and the oblivious will ignore. Communication is an art form, slowly giving way to hurried texts and 140 characters of garbled articulation. Whether you know it or not, you send communicative signals all day long: in your speech, body language, and attitudes…but who is listening? In a world filled with an abundance of verbal noise and clutter, learn to overcome the obstacles keeping you from interpreting messages, as they were ultimately intended. Discovering the hidden cues and undercurrent of a conversation can be beautiful and inspiring, but you must be willing to listen, with both your head and heart. Woven throughout the pages of this powerful book is a path to heightened conversation, where the quiet, silent moments may speak just as loudly as the uttered words.

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