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Transubstantiation: A Sea of Sin Novel

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If the choices that we make define how our lives are going to be, then how do we know how to make the right decisions? All the major decisions in our lives basically boil down to the question of if we are going to open ourselves up and take a chance or shut down and reject what’s being offered to us. Unfortunately the emotional scar tissue we all have protecting our old wounds make it harder and harder to be open and vulnerable. When people hurt us we want to give up our hearts less and less.
How well do you know those people around you? What if the person who pours your coffee has a lot of the answers to the questions you’re looking for? What if the person who bags your groceries is connected to you in ways you will never know? What if you could give up your minds interpretation of what a spiritual leader should look like?
If you’ve ever claimed that you’re spiritual but not religious, this book is for you.
If you’ve ever felt like having a spiritual path is irrelevant, this book is for you.
If you’ve ever felt that science and God have nothing to do with each other, this book is for you.
In Transubstantiation we will meet characters who will challenge our preconceived ideas about what a teacher should be like. The book will also ask you to think about things in ways unfamiliar to most. More than anything the book will ask you to have fun and be happy in your life.
Transubstantiation is the first novel in the Sea of Sin series where we will follow the adventures of Larry and David as they learn to apply their spirituality into a sometimes frightening world.
When tragedy befalls a mother and her teen daughter, they are forced to choose between a life of hardening themselves against the outside world or opening their hearts and living a life without fears and limitations. With the help of a mysterious man behind the counter of a local diner and a couple of unlikely spiritual leaders, they will learn to face the darkness and embrace the light that is within all of us. Transubstantiation will make you consider your place in the universe in the most fun and unusual ways and leave you feeling like you’ve made new friends that you can’t wait to revisit.

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